Cranimals™ whole food supplements and award-winning functional biscuits offer proprietary ingredients that you won’t find in any other pet product. Our cat and dog supplements deliver a powerful blend of cranberry, red raspberry and blueberry extracts which contain thousands of potent antioxidants - nature’s best defense against disease and aging. Our functional dog biscuits are cutting edge, delivering the most innovative health food ingredients, in a form especially designed for your pet. We never use any fillers, artificial colors, flavours or artificial preservatives in any of our products –that’s a guarantee. Cranimals™ will make tails wag! All CRANIMALS™ products are also Animal Wellness Magazine Approved – something that makes us very proud.


All CRANIMALS™ products begin with high quality food-grade raw ingredients sourced directly from the farm. Our cranberry, red raspberry and blueberry extracts are certified organic in the United States, Canada, and European Union. Our ingredients are also BC Kosher certified (in case your pet may be wondering). If you choose certified organic whole food products for your pet's health, you also care about our planet's well-being. Organic farming is better for the environment, you and your family.


Every time you use CRANIMALS™ pet products you increase the health and vitality of your pet. For our part, we donate CRANIMALS™ and a percentage of profits to pet rescue and pet cancer research. If you would like CRANIMALS™ to consider supporting your favorite animal charity, email us at charity@cranimal.com.

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